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When Emily comes home from school and tells her family what she has learned about penguin parents and their babies, Pinkerton is inspired and starts dreaming of raising a penguin pup of his own. In his desperation to become a father, Pinkerton mistakes a football for a penguin egg and winds up tossing an entire football team into one big pileup. Luckily, Emily's Granny arrives in time to save the day, in this typically hilarious adventure starring everyone's favorite irrepressible Great Dane.
18 Sep
Thane (Maharashtra)


Soldier Alex Dane promised his dying comrade he'd make sure his wife and daughter were okay, and so he finds himself on a doorstep with his heart in his mouth. Lisa Kennedy loved her husband, but she must focus on her daughter, Lilly, who hasn't spoken since her daddy's death. Still, the least she can do is offer this battle-weary hero a place to rest. When Lilly's little hand reaches for Alex's big, strong one, for the first time Lisa feels her buried emotions begin to stir.…
18 Sep
Thane (Maharashtra)


How do your find an illustrator to create a piece of work?At present, there are a number of methods: looking through myriad agents' promotional books; browsing annual competition collections; trying to find that pile of unsolicited illustrators' cards you just had on your desk the other day; searching the web -- for a few hours!; or asking a colleague. All of these methods can work, but they're all time-consuming and haphazard. What if you need someone to draw some salad on a plate with a glass of wine next to it? You could go through the above processes, and -- after a while -- you'd probably find someone to draw or paint it in the style you wanted. Or you could pick up The Big Book of Illustration Ideas. Flip to the section marked "Food and Still Life" and find pages and pages of illustrators who can draw all manner of food in all manner of styles: pencil, crayon, watercolor, collage, and so on, and so on. A smorgasbord of illustration ideas! In fact, within these pages, you'll find the best illustrators, from all over the world, found together in one place along with all of their contact details. For ease of reference, illustrators' work is cataloged by theme: People; Portraits; Food and Still Life; Buildings; Landscapes; Abstract Concepts; Diagrams; and Miscellaneous. Each section shows hundreds of examples to allow a quick and accurate list of illustrators suited to your needs. Independently edited and collated, The Big Book of Illustrated Ideas does not favor any agency, country, or style. It is simple the most accessible collection of the best illustrators' work available anywhere. Illustrators featured include: Aaron Leighton · Adrian D'Alimonte · Alan Dingman · Alanna Cavanagh · Juliette Borda · Andrew Bylo · Anja Kroencke · Bonnie Dain · Campbell Laird · Olaf Hajek · Claudia Pearson · Dane LaChiusa · David Cooper · David Navascues · Fred Péault · Gordon Studer · Greg Morgan · Greg White · Heather Chontos · Izak Zenou · James Yang · Jason Tharp · Jenny Kostecki · Jenny Laden · Jo Jo Ensslin · John Coulter · Jon Cannell · Jonathan Weiner · Karen L. Greenberg · Katy Lemay · Kris Hargis · Laurie LaFrance · Leigh Wells · Lilla Rogers · Linda Ketelhut · LINO · LULU · Marcos Chin · Margarete Gockel · Maria Carliuccio · Marta Windeisen · Matt Dicke · Max Grafe · Michael Hill · Michael Lotenero · Orlando Hoetzel · Peter Mundee · R/MY Simard · Rebecca Bradley · Rick Tulka · Robert Weiss · Roberto Parada · Roman Klonek · Sarajo Frieden · Sophie Blackall · Steve Dininno · Susan McKenna · Susanne Saenger · Susy Pilgrim Waters · Tifenn Python · Tim Okamura · Tim Tomkinson · Tim Zeltner · Tomasz Walenta · Tyson Smith
18 Sep
Thane (Maharashtra)


We have a litter of 2 Black, 4 Harlequin and 6 Fawn show quality great dane boys and girls for sale. The sire and dam, who have excellent lineage and wonderful temperaments, are our much loved pets. These little crackers show great promise of becoming stunning big danes. Puppies will go to their new homes: - Age around 52 days. - life time breed guarantee. - Be fully wormed and vaccinated. - With a comprehensive advice and information pack -We take care of delivery for all over India. Transportation charges free. - After sale phone / e-mail support available. For queries and prices: Cell phone: / For pics of the pup:- Email us at – Email us at . Visit us at www.clawsnpawskennel.com
01 Aug

₹ 2


We have Import pedigreed show quality Great Dane pups for good loving homes. Pups are heavily bulit with double boned,very short muzzle,broad big size head,huge in size and both male n female pups are available in Various colours with KCI regd documents n microchip. Pup are out of Import and champion combination. Only genuine buyers can contact at
01 Jul

₹ 35.000

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