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Visit rajivihaan shop on e-Bay   http://stores..in/rajivihaan    for other Solar, DC, or AC-DC Energy Efficient Products and Solutions. http://stores..in/rajivihaan  click for rajivihaan shop Please contact us at    or visit our website for more details:  www.gaonsegaon.com/ecommerce   - The item is Solar BLDC Ceiling   Fan - 12V/25W - 48" Blade Sweep, based on ingenious and patent* technology from Rajivihaan that works from 12V Solar DC, 12V DC Battery, or 220V AC Mains, and is RECHARGEABLE, but does not include battery, and customer needs to buy battery locally - Works from A220V AC Mains and also Charges battery when AC Mains electricity available, and works directly from discharge of 12V DC Battery without requiring Inverter when electricity not available (Battery to be procured extra by customer).  - Thus works from any source 12V DC Solar,  220V AC Mains, or directly from 12V DC Battery (without requiring Inverter) - Exceptionally Efficient, Consumes only 25Watts per hour, i.e. only 0.6 kWH or 0.6 units per 24 hours of operation, which  is nearly half of similar size Fans. Saving of 40% to 60%. - When neither Solar nor 220V AC Mains available, then works directly form Battery without Inverter, thus saving cost/investment of Inverter. More importantly, this saves electricity losses of Inverter, which can be another 30% to 40% saving. -  Combination of high efficiency and no inverter losses means this Fan can work upto 20 hours from 12V/60AH, 18 hours from 12V/50AH, 16 Hours from 12V/40AH and 10 hours from 12V/30AH new fully charged batteries. Takes similar hours to charge these batteries fully. (of course as batteries get older, the standard performance degradation rules of Lead Acid Batteries Apply) Includes Only Following Items:- - Solar BLDC Ceiling   Fan   - 48 " Blade Sweep, Three Speed Regulated, 300+ RPM, BLDC Motor (Brush Less DC Motor). Super Efficient Brush Less DC Motor, Low Friction, Low Heating, Low Noise, Ball Bearing -  DC-DC Cable with open wire interface (instead of a plug) to connect to Solar Charge Controller - DC-DC Cable with Battery Plug Interface to connect to 12V battery at time of discharge - Rajivihaan Ingenious and Patent* Magic Box connecting AC Mains, Fan and Battery DOES NOT Include Battery, Solar Panel, Solar Charge Controller, External Wiring, or Frame/Fixture for Solar Panel. - Please don't connect or plug into 24V/48V DC or higher DC Voltage or 220V AC Electricity mains (except through Magic Box that comes with the Fan) as this will cause electrical burns, and make the product non-functional. This will void the Warranty. - For working this Fan from 220V AC Mains, you don't need anything extra -For using the charging facility of this Fan, and to work this Fan from 12V DC Battery, you need to buy battery extra, which should be minimum 12V/30AH and maximum 12V/60AH - For working this Fan from Solar, you need  12V/40W, 12V/50W, 12V/60W, or 12V/74W Solar panel and 12V/5A Solar charge controller with 40W or 50W panel or 12V/10A Solar charge controller with 60W or 74W panel , both of which maybe bought from our shop on http://stores..in/rajivihaan   or our website  www.gaonsegaon.com/ecommerce  . To work from Solar, additionally you need to buy these items locally, 12V/30AH or bigger battery (longer the back-up hours needed, bigger the battery needs to be), Frame/Fixture for Solar Panel, Wiring of 4 mm or thicker gauge (longer the distance between solar panel, charge controller, battery, and fan, the thicker the wire needs to be)   Caution:-  1.) This is a 12V DC Product, and works on 12V DC only. Hence it is vital to connect this Fan to relevant sources of power or energy using the correct cables, or magic box supplied with the Fan, and as shown

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Visit rajivihaan shop on e-Bay http://stores..in/rajivihaan for other Solar, DC, or AC-DC Energy Efficient Products and Solutions. Click here to visit rajivihaan shop on . http://stores..in/rajivihaaan   In case of any clarification, please feel free to contact us at , or visit our website www.gaonsegaon.com/ecommerce - The item is Solar PMDC Ceiling   Fan - 12V/35W - 48" Blade Sweep, based on ingenious and patent* technology from Rajivihaan that works from 12V Solar DC, 12V DC Battery, or 220V AC Mains, and is RECHARGEABLE, but does not include battery, and customer needs to buy battery locally.  (We may ship white or brown colour as per availability

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NEW PRODUCT LISTING BY 4 U ENTERPRISES: SUPER speed 380 rpm 100% copper motor Simple but highly efficient 2 years warranty by luminous

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Visit rajivihaan shop on e-Bay   http://stores..in/rajivihaan    for other Solar, DC, or AC-DC Energy Efficient Products and Solutions. http://stores..in/rajivihaan  click for rajivihaan shop Please contact us at    or visit our website for more details:  www.gaonsegaon.com   Rajivihaan Super Efficient Fan Brushless DC, 12V BLDC Ceiling Fan  The stated price is for BLDC Fan with DC-DC Regulator included.  Requires Solar panel, Charge Controller, and battery as extra items.  The BLDC Fan or Brush Less DC Fan works on 12V from Solar Panel and/or Battery.   MM or 48" Sweep. Consumes only 25Watt. Saves more than 60% energy compared to conventional fans. Ball Bearing for  smooth functioning. Silent operation.  Exceptionally low heating during long hours of operation. Has option of working from AC grid by using separately priced AD-DC Hybrid regulator which costs Rs. 340/-

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Blade size- 1200 mm (48 Inches) Super reliable and efficient copper motor High speed fan Higher air delivery and thrust Single packed ceiling fan Strongest motor in the category Comes in brown and white color options Inverter compatible Double ball bearing for smooth and noiseless operation Warranty: 2 year on product Power: 78 watts Operating Voltage: 220 - 240 volts Includes: Motor box, Blades
Mumbai (Maharashtra)

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This solar dc Ceiling fan is meant to serve domestic sages. With the revolution speed of about 320 times each minute on 12 volt parameter and a sweeping capacity of 1200 mm; this fan can be relied upon to distribute air strongly to all the corners of a stretched area. The device had been given an air-delivery capacity of about 210 cm. It consumes about 22 ~ 28 watts of power which implies that it is highly energy efficient, considering the higher outputs that it generates. Thus, the user can be assured that he would not require soldering any bigger operative cost behind these fans.
Lalbahadur Nagar (Andhra Pradesh)


Girnar is a leading and Best ceiling fans supplier in Delhi - India. We are best known for our designer ceiling fans for homes and commercial uses. The Girnar fans are an imperative part of every home and are built to be energy efficient. Add a sense of style and plurality to your rooms and offices with our innovative and modern designs. Fans are compulsory and important appliances of any household. The biggest benefit with Girnar fans is that there is no compromise on the performance and the energy usage is always minimum. The Girnar fans combine technological ingenuity with innovative design, providing effective cooling solutions that will both inspire and satisfy your needs. Protect yourself from the scorching summer heat by bringing home the Girnar fan today!
Anand (Gujarat)


Austar Technologies is offering wider range of Top HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fan or you can say that HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fan. We are top Industrial HVLS Fan Manufacturer in India providing high- efficient HVLS Fans. Our HVLS fans best suits to your commercial or industrial spaces. As a top HVLS Fan Manufacturer, we design HVLS Fans that consume Low Power, are easy to Operate, and require minimal maintenance. For more info: Visit us @ http://www.austarhvls.com/industrial-hvls-fan.html Address: 18-19, Bhavya Industrial Estate, Bakrol - Gatrad Road Village Bakrol Bujrang, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382433
Ahmedabad (Gujarat)


At Girnar Fans, we don t blindly follow the latest trends, we set them. Girnar is the best ceiling fan brand in India and best known for manufacturing Ceiling fans (especially Power saving ceiling fans), Table fans, Toofan fans, etc. for home and commercial uses. Best fans manufacturer in India The smarter fan saves energy and does not compromise on style. Our energy saver fans guarantee efficient performance, available at affordable prices.
Anand (Gujarat)


YASH FANS PVT. LTD. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Fans and Home Appliances. With a vision to build a brand of trust, we always work with the motto of providing utmost satisfaction to all our customers through a wide range of products. The continuous strive has enabled us to provide innovative product designs that are cost efficient and backed by recognized standard quality measures like ISO 9001:2008. Offered product range includes all types of fans, mixer grinders and gas stoves. Our exclusive fans include Sinusoidal BLDC (Brushless DC) motor technology that consumes less than 60% of Power of Normal Ceiling fan. Its constant speed control to provide stable Air delivery and Supports step less speed regulation. To ensure safety in all circumstances the BLDC Yash Macho Ceiling fan incorporates Motor 3 phase short circuit protection and No temperature rise of motor while running due to its unique design. Its Aerodynamically designed anti-rust blades and Aluminium anti rust motor covers make it the Modern standard design for fans. For more details visit: https://www.yashfans.com/ Address: Yash Fans Pvt Ltd. F-17, IDA, Kukatpally Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad 500 037 Telangana, India. Mobile No: +91 8700038127 Phone No: + 91 40 2372 0115 Customercare Mail: customercare@yashfans.com
Lalbahadur Nagar (Andhra Pradesh)


SRS Studio Apartment- Srs City, Sector-6, Palwal 1 BHK Studio Apartment (375 Sq. ft.) @ 6,99,000/- Lac Only Booking Amount- Rs. 69,900/- Only Away from Pollution & Noisy Environment SRS STUDIO APARTMENT, Sector-6, Palwal is a place to relax with your loved ones in the serene of nature. No hap-hazards, no pollution, just an environment friendly place. So to spend lovely moments of the busy life where you hardly gets space for yourself. HIGHLIGHTS OF PROJECT: Luxury Studio Apartments Kitchen with woodwork Pollution free serene environment Close to NH-2 Main Mathura Road Just 45 min drive from South Delhi Close to Palwal Educational Hub SPECIFICATIONS: BED ROOM: Floor Tiles, Ceiling Fan, Electricity Fittings, Lights BATHROOMS: Electricity Fittings, Geyser KITCHEN: Electricity Fittings, R.O., Geyser and Wood Work PAYMENT PLAN: Total Cost (BSP): Rs. 6,99,000/- At the time of booking 10% of BSP + S. Tax 69,900/- Within 3 months from booking 20% of BSP + S. Tax 1,39,800/- Within 6 months from booking 20% of BSP + S. Tax 1,39,800/- Within 10 months from booking 25% of BSP + S. Tax 1,74,750/- Within 15 months from booking 25% of BSP + S. Tax 1,74,750/- ABOUT GROUP: SRS Parivar is presently engaged in the development and construction of over a dozen projects in the residential and commercial genres. With a land bank of approximately 500 acres, the real estate operations are spread across Faridabad, Greater Faridabad, Palwal, Rewari, Kurukshetra, Panchkula, Karjat (Mumbai). We proudly describe ourselves as the front runner for the change in the way Real Estate projects are being conceptualized, marketed & delivered. The key strength is our efficient/ optimal use of capital & ability to respond to changing regulation and economic environment with imagination and speed. This strength, experience and understanding of the Real Estate marker helped us achieve business momentum in the recent difficult economic environment. For Location Map/Layout Plan/Floor plans,etc please visit the link given below http://visionplusproperties.com/projects.php?id=192 Call Now For The Best Deal 9810933600, 9911241699 Vision Plus Properties (NAREDCO Certified Realtors) www.visionplusproperties.com Email- visionplus.fbd@gmail.com ceo.visionplus@gmail.com

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