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Elements, Soundscapes and Gulistan - Set of 3 Audio CD's * Location - Connaught Place, Delhi or Gurgaon

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  Diplomacy - PC Game CD Original PC Game CD   Product Information Developed in 1959 by Allan Calhamer and published by Avalon Hill, the original board game of Diplomacy has been a staple on game store shelves for nearly four decades. MicroProse and Hasbro Interactive bring the intrigue and strategy of the game to the PC while faithfully remaining true to the intent and gameplay of the original.   In Diplomacy: The Game of International Intrigue, set in pre-World War I, you must guide your selected country with all the intricacies of diplomacy through negotiations geared at giving you control of Europe. Choose to play as England, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Turkey or Austria-Hungary. More than a dozen neutral countries add additional strategic considerations to the mix. The computer version of this turn-based game offers a choice of nine time-tested variations of the original board game and a timer menu that allows customization of time limits associated with each phase. Turns represent six months each with a total of ten phases divided into Spring (4) and Fall (6) sessions. The first four phases of each include negotiation, issue orders, execute orders and resolve conflicts. The Fall turn adds an additional two phases: adjust strengths and summary. Game default begins in 1901 but can be changed through customization options. Diplomacy offers full multi-player support for up to seven human or computer controlled players over the Internet, a LAN, hot seat competition or play-by-e-mail (PBEM) with specific setup options for each. The AI is designed to ensure no single-player game is ever the same and the computer controlled countries can be set to Civil Disorder or AI full control. The game comes with an editor that allows customization in areas such as date, ownership of supply centers, unit removal or addition and victory conditions. World peace? Chaos and disorder? The ultimate outcome is up to you in Diplomacy: The Game of International Intrigue. Product Identifiers Game Diplomacy: The Game of International Intrigue MPN 076930996669 UPC 076930996669, 742725267824 Key Features Platform PC Tech Details Control Elements Keyboard, Mouse Number of Players 1-7 Release Year 1999 Game Special Features Based on Avalon Hill's popular board game Represent a European power before WWI Create or break treaties with nearby nations Command armies and fleets Challenge players from around the world via Internet, Play as one of seven nations in your quest to dominate the world Based on the popular Avalon Hill board game Multiplayer support via LAN, Internet, and e-mail  
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  Numerology 1.0 AN UNIQUE EXPOSITION ON THE PREDICTIVE ASPECTS OF ANCIENT NUMEROLOGY AVailable in Hindi and English Xp, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8 Compatible     Ambition: 3 1 9 Intellect: 6 7 5 Passion: 2 8 4 The study of the numbers and their occult significations is of remotest antiquity. It’s development had been continued through several centuries, and it has withstood the test of Time. Down the ages it had attracted innumerable people of superior intellect and spiritual level. For attributing special significations to the individual numbers, a unique system of symbolism had been adopted – which makes it obvious that the numbers are essentially not meant for enumeration only. Some connection seems to exist between our apprehension of observable things and the cosmic laws. It’s study helps us to learn the divine expression – which manifests to us through cosmic elements as Nature. Why not peep in the wonder-world of numbers? The subject of Numerology is fascinating. Like everything else, every letter corresponds to some number or the other, and the numbers are not just typical figures; every individual number has it’s typical and varied significations, and offers a wide range of possibilities. Delve deeper, and discover for yourself a deeper understanding and wider appreciation of the mysteries of the universe. Numerology is the golden key – which helps us to comprehend the analogy that exists between the laws of matter and those of mind. List of Contents THE CHIEF CONSTITUENTS OF WESTERN NUMEROLOGY: SIGNIFICATIONS OF THE NAME NUMBER SIGNIFICATIONS OF THE DATE NUMBER SIGNIFICATIONS OF THE SIGNATURE FIGURE FINDING THE "NAME NUMBER" BY USING VARIOUS METHODS: AS PER THE PYTHAGOREAN SYSTEM AS PER THE HEBREW SYSTEM AS PER THE SYSTEM OF NUMERARY THE SYMBOLIC SIGNIFICATIONS OF THE INDIVIDUAL NUMBERS: INTERPRETATIONS BY CHALDEAN METHOD INTERPRETATIONS BY PYTHAGORIAN METHOD DESCRIPTION OF THE TWENTY-TWO "TAROT" ENUMERATION KEYS: SYMBOLIC SIGNIFICATIONS ALLEGORICAL SIGNIFICATIONS THE "NUMEROSCOPE" (OR NUMEROLOGICAL HOROSCOPE): GENERIC RESULTS OF THE 'NUMERICAL CONJUNCTIONS': TRIPPLE CONJUNCTION – VERTICAL. TRIPPLE CONJUNCTION – HORIZONTAL. DOUBLE CONJUNCTION – VERTICAL. DOUBLE CONJUNCTION – HORIZONTAL. ANSWERING INTERESTING QUESTIONS THROUGH NUMEROLOGY: GUESS WHAT A PERSON IS THINKING OF OR ABOUT ? WHEREABOUTS OF SOMETHING MISPLACED OR LOST ? SUCCESS OR REALIZATION OF THE OBJECT IN VIEW. DIVINATION OF WINNING NUMBERS – SINGLE DIGIT & DOUBLE DIGIT. ANCIENT INDIAN NUMEROLOGY: "ASHTAMANGALAM" PADDHATI: (FOR ANSWERING SPECIFIC QUERIES OF SERIOUS NATURE) HAPPENINGS OF PAST – PRESENT – FUTURE ? PROSPECT DURING THE YEAR AHEAD ?  
Delhi (Delhi)


Animated video tutorials of +2 NCERT syllabus. #CD ROMs of *Mathematics *Physics *Chemistry with CD boxes. Benchmarks accurate tutorial provides a proper way of learning through visual elements study. The material includes whole plus 2 syllabus. Working and experimental portions covers in a video visual form in this CDs. Explanations by pointing each part of the subject gives easy way of learning. Images & videos help the student to remember it with a proper idea. So that they can atleast explain it in their words. So this benchmark CD is very helpful for +2 students those who need a new virtual class room help. Also you can open the chapters and topics by click on the respective fields. Any portion can be taken at any time. No scratches found in the discs. Discs work properly. Computer use only Experience the learning

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Fully Animated video tutorials of +2 NCERT syllabus. #CD ROMs of *Mathematics *Physics *Chemistry with CD boxes. Benchmarks accurate tutorial provides a proper way of learning through visual elements study. The material includes whole plus 2 syllabus. Working and experimental portions covers in a video visual form in this CDs. Explanations by pointing each part of the subject gives easy way of learning. Images & videos help the student to remember it with a proper idea. So that they can atleast explain it in their words. So this benchmark CD is very helpful for +2 students those who need a new virtual class room help. Also you can open the chapters and topics by click on the respective fields. Any portion can be taken at any time. No scratches found in the discs. Discs work properly. Computer use only Experience the learning


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The Novoflex Panorama VR-System II is a user-friendly system for creating classic single-row cylindrical or flat panorama photos using panoramic quot stitching quot software (included) to combine several images from a digital or 35mm camera into one breathtaking photo with up to 360 deg of view..For a 360 deg photo without perspective offset it s necessary to position your camera so that the axis of rotation passes through the nodal point of your lens (instructional manual on CD included). The Panorama VR-System II gives you the adjustment and rotational elements required for panoramas with a field of view up to 360 deg horizontally and 120 deg vertically depending on the camera and lenses used. Recommended for this system are wide-angle lenses with a minimum 10 mm focal length up to telephotos at 135 mm.

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MANUFACUTER, WHOLESALER, EXPORTER, IMPORTER, SUPPLIER, DEALER, RETAILOR OF “PAPER SHREDDER MACHINE IN INDIA” MORE INQUIRY CONTACTS US: 09560495305 OR 011-095604956306 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Machine We are a well known Paper Shredding Machine manufacturer and supplier in the entire country. This has been possible owing to the world class quality of our products. These machines are fitted with blades which cuts through a desired document either vertically or in horizontal position. This helps the varied documents away from unwanted elements. Our Paper Shredder Machine cuts the paper into uniform strips making it easy to put them back together. The machines are made available to the clients in varied sizes and specifications enabling them to be used in large industries also. This also helps us to attain complete client satisfaction. Features: • Easy to clean and lubricate • Nominal prices • User friendly • Vibration free • Safety Measures -Thermal shut down on overheating Technical Features: 15 sheet shredders Cut size- 4 X 38 mm Throat size – 220 mm Bin – 20 litre Alternate CD shredding rom 16 Kg Weight Dimantion in mm 368x250x610 CONTACT PERSON RITA BHARDWAJ 09560495305 MARKETED & SERVICED BY NATIONAL INDUSTRIES Corporate Office: 139-c, Mohammadpur, Near Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi-110066 Telephone: 011-26184278 or 011-26103059 Email: national_ni@yahoo.com Website: www.namibind.com

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GOD OF WAR 2 is the most legendary game of all times. Play as Kratos and unleash wrath upon the Gods. This game is very very rarely available in the market now. Its not available even on flipkart & amazon (check it). The condition of the CD is as good as new. NOT EVEN A SINGLE SCRATCH. Huge collection of combat & magic - Use combos from the original God Of War, along with brutal new moves and magic. Use the power of Nature's elements in your fight, controlling wind, ice and more. Encounter more of the greatest Greek mythological characters and face-off against more terrifying bosses. Experience a labyrinth of challenging mini-games intricately woven into the story, for puzzle-solving action. Journey to more vividly striking environments. Control the flow of time itself. The dark and violent world of Greek mythology will come to life in gory detail. ACT BEFORE YOU LOSE THIS LEGEND TO ANOTHER BUYER.

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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a legendary game of the PS2 Console. You can fly a helicopter, drive a tank, a speedboat or a Jeep. Player can play as a sniper, assault soldier or an infantry man in the same mission. Stunning graphics, heart pumping missions and addictive storyline add on to the enthralling experience. The game is very very rarely available in the market now. Price on Amazon is Rs. (check it). Condition of the CD is mint, as good as new. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a first-person shooter video game that brings some role-playing as well as strategy game elements to the table. In the game, the player is given the option of leading either the NATO or the Chinese forces to victory in Kazakhstan. As the game progresses, it is revealed that both the forces have been misled into war by a terrorist group known as Burning Flag. It is now your responsibility to stop Burning Flag's leader Commander 31 from launching the nuclear weapons on US, Europe and China. Equipped with various weapons, the Battlefield 2 Modern Combat PS2 makes the experience of war very realistic. The large selections of realistic maps, where the players can battle on, take your gaming experience to another level. With realistic sound effects and amazing graphics, enjoy the Battlefield 2 Modern Combat game on your PS2! ACT BEFORE YOU LOSE THIS LEGEND TO ANOTHER BUYER.

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ServiceNow Administration Training in India, USA,UK and Canada KBS Training Institute has footprint across India like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Noida, Pune, and more by providing live virtual support services from India for fresher’s, working professionals and etc. KBS Training Institute main aim is to provide online training fast track for busy people and normal track for students and employees and weekend track for software professionals. KBS Training Institute provides ServiceNow Administration Online training all over the globe such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Singapore, Malaysia USA, Canada, UK, France, Japan, Germany, Dubai, UAE, Newzeland, Australia, Middle East, GCC, UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, etc…. Contact Details: KBS Training Institute, K.V.Rao, +91 , India - Hyderabad - Bangalore. Course Overview This course is designed for system administrators who are new to the ServiceNow ecosystem. During this interactive training course attendees will implement various system administration functions in their own instance, learning to perform fundamental administration and configuration tasks. Specifically, attendees will learn to: •Perform core configuration tasks •Work with User Interface (UI) policies, data policies, UI actions, business rules and client scripts •Use mobile clients •Activate plugins •Add users, groups and roles •Manage data with tables, the configuration management database (CMDB), import sets and update sets •Work with two key process applications: Knowledge Base and ServiceNow Service Catalog •Create workflow activities and approvals •Configure alerts and notifications •View upgrade history and status •Control system access and data security •Create baseline performance metrics •Run reports, configure service level agreements (SLAs) and perform instance branding and customization •Integrate social IT elements and learn best practices Attendees participate in real world, relevant lab exercises. The class features lecture and group discussions, as well as extensive hands-on practice, delivered in a wide variety of labs, tech talks and an interactive discussion of a comprehensive, real-world example. we have real time experts they will teach the students both ServiceNow course through online. After training KBS Training Institute provides course certificate and supports the scholars for Resume preparation, mock interview, job placements and etc. We will provide study material CD and it is helpful for students. Contact Details: KBS Training Institute, K.V.Rao, +91 , India - Hyderabad - Bangalore.


Sauna Bath: Easy to install and dismantle, Interior and exterior in hemlock wood, Ceramic rod heaters at different levels, temperature and timer control, tempered glass door and FM/CD. • Quick heat up time. The room temperature reaches 50 degree centigrade within 30 minutes. • High quality solid-cast top, inner casing and stainless steel stone compartment. • Optimum water sprinkling. A deep generously proportioned stone compartment, and direct contact between the stones and the heating elements ensure perfect water sprinkling with 100% vaporization. For Further details do call us Ph: 09535817416
Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)


Taking a visually-oriented approach, "Statics and Strength of Materials for Architecture and Building Construction, Third Edition", presents basic structural concepts in an easily understood manner. The authors introduce structural theory without relying on calculus. Instead using building examples and illustrations to supplement the book and introduce mathematically based material in a non-threatening way. This edition features many fully-worked example problems, a new supplemental CD-ROM, a section on retaining walls and clearer connections between written and visual elements. Extensive treatment of load tracing (paths) in an organized and heavily illustrated manner. Includes a CD containing additional problems with solutions for further practice. New section discussing the basic principles of concrete retaining walls using free-body diagrams and the equations of equillibrium. Building inspectors or people training to become inspectors or plans checkers.
Thane (Maharashtra)


What exactly is the elusive ingredient that makes a game worth playing? To create a great game you need passion, imagination, talent, a good understanding of game-play and design, experience, a dedicated team, good project management and lots of hard work. Every game developed is individual, but there are certain techniques and fundamentals that can be learnt to understand the creative process of game design, and those fundamentals will be discussed throughout this book.   Covering the process of game design, the book builds up a set of techniques used by designers within the industry. It will show and tell, explaining how and why things are done the way they are, and will feature first-hand experiences, examples and case studies from the creators of successful games such as ¿Lara Croft/Tomb Raider¿ and Peter Molyneux¿s ¿Black and White¿. Throughout the book an imaginary game "Jumping Jack" will be discussed, taking the reader through the process of developing a design from the initial idea through to the full-blown specification. Demonstration levels and the design documents will be included on the accompanying CD, and these documents can be used as templates for future designs.   The book is divided into two parts. The first, Design DNA, discusses the components that make up a game design. The second part, Building the Design, describes the process of creating and formatting design documents. Using case studies and examples, the elements that create fun and absorbing game-play will be revealed. The book covers the range of major consoles such as PS2, Nintendo Gamecube, Xbox, Gameboy Advance and the PC, providing an insight into the different considerations a designer must be aware of for different platforms and producing cross-platform games.
Thane (Maharashtra)

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