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Engage your kids with Fun Brain Games and activities in order to learn something along with fun. WondrBox brings a collection of fun activities, mind games, Maths games, Science games and much more. Subscribe the kit now and get to your doorstep.
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PUZZLE CUBE   It is believed that it is vital to keep the brain engaged with challenging exercises and competitive games at all ages. WE brings to you this exciting cube puzzle to satiate your child's curiosity and develop a competitive edge. The number of algorithms and techniques needed to solve this 3D puzzle stimulate the brain somehow. It is a creative toy that demonstrates the need for practice and captivates the attention of the player. This toy would surely delight all age groups. The cube is a fun toy that develops sharp mental reflexes and showcases the importance of persistence and determination. So, get going and unravel this mystery while the time tics away!     Are you searching for a good way to make your child smart. This Cube Puzzle Toy. It can meet your demand. It can cultivate child's intelligence, imagination and creativity as well as hands-on skill. With moderate difficulty, it is well designed and suitable for the intelligence development of your kid. Creative puzzle toy can enhance assembly ability of your kid. When your kid encounters difficulties, you can lead him or her to overcome them, which is great for cultivating parent-child relationship. Smart child starts from this toy!                            Features: New and high quality The traditional intelligence toys fit for kids and adults For kids to develop their brain and logic For adults to release pressure after work Perfect coffee table puzzle, waiting room game, spare time game With its elegant and contemporary design, it is very popular Can change various appearances Have the vivid mobility node Providing safe and smooth rotation Colorful, good abrasion resistance, good texture

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BRAIN-e-KIDS WHO ARE WE? Brain e kids- innovative concept preschool, the first of its kind in India. We are the people who believe in learning via experience and experimentation, hence that’s what we let your Child do – experience and experiment; thus sparking the genius in them and leading them to ace up in everything. We strive to transform the next generation education from the very first step. We believe involving children is the only way to encourage learning. We provide them with care, knowledge, play, activities, inquisitiveness, energy and the environment that promises their holistic development. WHY US? We have developed one of a kind - Theme and Activity based curriculum which improves the child’s motor skills, creativity, team spirit, manners, communication, rapidity, thinking, understanding, grasping etc. along with the ABCs and 123s. We have the perfect formula of the right mix of play, learn and activity. We understand what is taught and how it is taught is vitally important. Every child is different and is to be nurtured differently. We provide an open environment as it is the best way to foster skills. WHAT’S SO COOL ABOUT US? We have a sqft school with Natural and Green environment, Great ambience surrounded with trees, sqft Outdoor play area with child friendly toys, Sand pool, Water pool, Vast Indoor area with A/C classrooms, Kids Gymnasium, Ball pool etc. We provide nutritious food for children based on dietician advices thus contribute to their nutritious values and added to that we have scheduled doctor check-ups to ensure the best of health. We update you on everything that goes on here at the school via email and facebook. We send you pictures, so you don’t miss a moment and reminders on your kids activities. We have many field trips a year that complements the classroom knowledge. We celebrate everything - Birthdays, Festivals, General Events, National importance, Friendship, Family, Love and Peace by making them Dress up and have fun. We organize weekly assemblies where each child gets an opportunity to break their shell and step out. We conduct cool games and competitions regularly for the kids. We reward and acknowledge every effort via Weekly achievement cards, awards for kids and parents and we conduct our Annual prize day in auditoruim and Sports day in a ground. We make “The Coolest Portfolio” and ensure that every child has the complete collection of their best moments, activities and progress achieved through out the year. We give you Your child’s “ Assessment card “ which is assessed and reviewed based on Children’s performance and growth all through the year by monitoring their development in Fine motor, Gross motor, Linguistic, Social, Emotional, and Personal skills. WHAT OTHER ACTIVITTES WE CONDUCT: Co- Curriclar:Robotics- Basics of machines and mechanisms & Scientifica – scientific workshops. Extra curricular: Drawing, Grade Based Carnatic Vocal, Trinity Grade Based Keyboard & Guitar, SMART Kids Olympiad, Evam - Theatre Course, Mom & Me workshops, Handwriting, Digital Abacus, etc. As we are stepping into our 6th year, come visit us for amazing Offers and Discounts on play school and other activities. Hurry up as the admissions are open and only limited seats in the following age group: Pre Nursery / Playgroup - 1.6 yrs to 2.6 yrs. Nursery / Pre K.G - 2.6yrs to 3.6 yrs Kindergarten –3.6yrs Daycare – Full day or hourly basis – Age - From 15 months to 8 yrs. School Hours – 8.15 am to 7.00 pm Monday to Saturday. WE ARE @: Mugappair East - No8 Alex street, Paneer Nagar, Mugappair east, Chennai - 37. (Near Punjab Handlooms.) RING / BUZZ US @: / / .


As exercise is to body, mental stimulation is for brain. We cannot ignore the benefits of puzzles. The use of puzzles has increases since people have realized its benefits. It increases creativity, improves memory and develops critical thinking. Science has proved that puzzle help cognitive processes. You must choose challenging puzzles for kids. Picture puzzles are also available. The best way is to order online puzzle games. Wooden puzzles are also available online. They are durable and non-toxic. They last for generations. They are full of information and you can choose the right one according to the age of the child. Puzzles for kids improve thinking and mental speed. They are beneficial for all age groups. Different colors and shapes make these puzzles interesting for kids. It improves memory and retention power. A good puzzle for children is challenging. It causes the participants to think in a creative way. It requires a lot of experimentation and application. This leads to young inventive minds that discover new things. Kids Puzzle games also enhance problem-solving skills. Solving a puzzle is both an art and a science. It requires creativity and logic. This helps the different areas of the brain to work together. Kids who solve puzzles are seen to be better performers. While solving a puzzle, the brain releases dopamine. This secretion helps to fight stress, improve memory, build a positive mood and concentrate better. You must choose the right puzzle for best results. Parents should choose the right puzzle that should suit the taste and mental level of the child. If the puzzle is too difficult, the child will lose interest soon. A difficult puzzle can also be stressful. It should neither be too easy. A puzzle is a good way of learning. The child enjoys and learns along. The child also gets to spend time with elders. Some puzzles involve four players and so the whole family can participate. There are suitable puzzles for all age groups. Wooden puzzles are good for toddlers. Jigsaw puzzles are good for children aged four or above. As the age group increases, the number of pieces in the jigsaw also increases. Then the child can also solve word puzzles and other puzzles that require logical thinking. Please visit:-
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Have You ever wondered why all kids in the class do not perform same? Is it really the intelligence? Or It is more than that? Presenting Mind Power Camp for children. Showing them the way to use brain powerfully. This is practical learning with fun, games and activity. So kids will have their best time in vacation and learn very valuable brain tricks. What does the program is all about? Every child has capacity to be a genius. What they need is techniques and skills to develop their brain power. This course enhances Concentration skill, Creativity, Mathematical and Language aptitude They learn to use both sides of brain as part of their day to day activity. Program Helps in: Developing concentration power Developing memory Improve focus New skills to remember Developing creative intelligence Ease with public speaking And much more... Details are as follows: Date: st May Time: 10 Am to 4.30 PM Fees: Rs. Registration: Before 15th May


Click on the image below to get zoomed view of the item FunSkool Funskool Rubik's 2 x 2 Game Raise the bar of tackling challenges with Funskool Rubik's 2x2 game. Description Gift the popular brain teaser Funskool Rubik's 2 x 2 game to your growing kid and watch them work their brain to a whole new degree of challenge. The aesthetically designed cube makes kids twist, turn and manipulate it until they arrive at similar colours arrangement. The colourful cube improves hand-eye coordination and logical thinking. Product Story Help young minds open up to new challenges of life with Funskool board games collection. Test your kid's logical, memory, social, language and hand-eye coordination skills with Funskool activity games as you equip and train your kid to have fun while taking on life's surprises at every stage and age. Whats Included It includes 1 game. Use and Care Follow intructions/guidelines, for beginners assistance may be required. Additional Information Seller SKU: Recommended Age: 8 years + Product Dimensions (as applicable): 6 in.H x 5.5 in.W x 2.5 in.D Battery (as applicable):  No battery required. Color(as applicable):   Recommended School Grade (as applicable): Grade 3

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Scrabble Knowledge Game of spelling and equation, improve vocabulary, word power Scrabble your fun factor while playing with your friends and family. This board game will keep your kids busy for hours having fun. Scrabble is a Word game that will test your vocabulary and is a great way to encourage children to improve their language skills. Scrabble is fascinating, mind sharping entertainment every time you play. * It’s a richly rewarding,yet simple game * Helps enhance logical skills  * Educative and entertaining indoor games set * Rack your brain. * 4 racks * 100 letter tiles * Rule sheet * Playing board

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Scrabble your fun factor while playing with your friends and family. This board game will keep your kids busy for hours having fun. Scrabble is a Word game that will test your vocabulary and is a great way to encourage children to improve their language skills. Scrabble is fascinating, mind sharping entertainment every time you play. * It’s a richly rewarding,yet simple game * Helps enhance logical skills  * Educative and entertaining indoor games set * Rack your brain. * 4 racks * 100 letter tiles * Rule sheet * Playing board

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Specifications Product Features roduct type: Indoor games & puzzles Recommended age: 7 years Size: 3*3 Colour: Multi-colour This Rubik's cube is a magical treat for your hand muscles and fingers Improves eye-hand coordination Encourages logical thinking and puts the mind to work So, twist and turn to match up all the nine sides Have fun as you solve this puzzle Helps improve problem solving skills In The Box 1 Cube 1. Adopting reliable plastic, it is non-toxic and lightweight 2. It is a traditional educational toy for kids and adults 3. For kids, it can develop their brain and logic thinking ability 4. For adults, it can release their pressure after work  5. It can change various appearances with vivid mobility nodes  6. Small dynamic and static friction coefficient ensures safe and smooth rotation 7. The interface is smooth and each corner has a chamfer 8. Good abrasion resistance and texture

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