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NEW 14.1" WIDE DISCRETE CPU FAN HEATSINK FOR IBM LENOVO THINKPAD T61 R61 44C0557 New 14.1" Wide Discrete CPU Fan Heatsink for IBM Lenovo Thinkpad T61 R61 44C0557 BRAND NEW AND ORIGINAL CPU FAN WITH HEATSINK FOR IBM THINKPAD LENOVO -(DISCRETE) UBS FOR T SERIES- Compatible Models: T61 T61p R61 R61i Discrete only 14.1" INCH WIDESCREEN Compatible Part numbers: FRU P/N: 44C0557 LENOVO P/N: 44C0558 Other Compatible P/N: 42W2460 Note: 3 wires/ 3 pins connector DC 5V-0.24A Package includes: 1x CPU Fan 1x Thermal Paste
Tura (Meghalaya)

₹ 15

IBM 92L05D KEYBOARD (TESTED) IBM 92L05D keyboard (TESTED) See how we ship this product Availablity: In stock now keyboard Layout: US keyboard Color: BLack Warranty: WorldWide Ship,1 Year Warranty Customer Rating: Reg.Price : USD $78.98 Sale.Price :  US $ 46.16 + (Shipping $9) IBM 39T0958IBM MW90-GRIBM 42T3904IBM 86L07RIBM 39T7449IBM 42T3245IBM 42T4034IBM 42T3181IBM 42T3112IBM 8C406UIBM MW-90N0IBM 42T3937IBM 39T7178IBM 42T3183IBM MW-GERIBM 42T3256IBM 8CA0DFIBM 42T3165IBM 42T3290IBM MW-9080IBM 42T3302IBM 42T3163IBM 42T3970IBM 07RA30IBM MW-BELIBM 42T3254IBM MW-90S0IBM 07RA3XIBM 42T3294IBM 92L05DIBM MW-9CCHIBM 42T3277IBM MW-SPAIBM 934127IBM 42T3216IBM MW-90SLIBM MW90-SPIBM 8C40C0IBM 39T0928IBM 42T3263IBM 8CG1KPIBM MW89IBM 89BA15IBM 42T3185IBM 42T3177IBM 42T3184IBM MW-90HUIBM 42T4066 IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T60p newIBM Lenovo ThinkPad W700IBM Lenovo Thinkpad R400IBM Thinkpad T60p SeriesIBM Thinkpad T61 SeriesIBM Lenovo Thinkpad Z60IBM Lenovo Thinkpad R61IBM Lenovo Thinkpad R61eIBM Thinkpad R60e SeriesIBM Thinkpad R60i SeriesIBM Lenovo ThinkPad R60eIBM Thinkpad Z61t SeriesIBM Thinkpad Z61m SeriesIBM Lenovo Thinkpad T400IBM Thinkpad Z61 SeriesIBM Lenovo ThinkPad T500IBM Lenovo Thinkpad W500IBM Thinkpad Z61e SeriesIBM Thinkpad Z61p SeriesIBM Thinkpad R61 SeriesIBM Lenovo Thinkpad R60IBM Lenovo Thinkpad T60IBM Thinkpad Z60t SeriesIBM Lenovo Thinkpad T61IBM Thinkpad T60 SeriesIBM Thinkpad R60 SeriesIBM Lenovo ThinkPad R500IBM Thinkpad R61i SeriesIBM Lenovo Thinkpad T60pIBM Thinkpad T61P SeriesIBM Thinkpad Z60 SeriesIBM Lenovo Thinkpad T61pIBM Lenovo Thinkpad Z61IBM Thinkpad Z60m SeriesIBM Lenovo ThinkPad W700DS
Tura (Meghalaya)

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New GENUINE CPU Fan Heatsink For IBM Thinkpad Lenovo R61 R61I 42W2779 15.4" WXGA BRAND NEW CPU FAN AND HEATSINK FOR IBM THINKPAD LENOVO(INTEGRATED) Compatible Models: IBM Thinkpad Lenovo R61 R61i R61e 15.4" inch widescreen Compatible Part numbers: FRU P/N: 42W2779 Lenovo P/N: 42W2403 Other P/N: MCF-219PAM05 Specifications: Brand: Toshiba Home Technology Corporation Direct Current: 5 Voltage Note: 3 wires/ 3 pins connector Package includes: 1x CPU Fan 1x Thermal Paste
Chidambaram (Tamil Nadu)

₹ 16

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