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SAP Business Objects 3.0,3.1 Training Course
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This course will cover following Topics
A. SAP Business Objects Universe Designer
B. SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence
A. SAP Business Objects Universe Designer

• Understanding BusinessObjects Universes
- BusinessObjects universe concepts
- Understanding universe development cycle

• Creating the Basic Universe
- Getting started t- create the universe

• Building the Universe Structure
- Create the universe structure
- Defining joins in a universe

• Dimension Objects
- Understand classes and objects
- Creating classes and objects

• Measure Objects
- Measure object concepts
- Creating measure objects

• Loops in a Universe
- Understanding loops concept
- Resolving loops using aliases
- Resolving loops using contexts

• Understanding and Resolving SQL Traps
- Understanding SQL traps and universes
- Detecting and resolving chasm traps
- Detecting and resolving fan traps

• Applying Restrictions on Objects
- Restricting the data returned by objects

• Using @functions with Objects
- Defining @functions
- @prompt
- @prompt syntax
- @select
- @where
- @aggregate_aware

• Hierarchies
- Hierarchies and universes concept
- Working with hierarchies

• Lists of Values
- Creating a list of values
- Working with LOVs in Universe Designer
- Creating a cascading LOV

• Derived Tables and Indexes
- Derived tables concept and its use
- Applying index awareness

• Linking Universes
- Linked universe concept
- Creating links between universes

• Universe Access Restrictions
- Setting access restrictions on a universe

• Universe Management
- Documenting universes
- Deploying universes
- Maintaining universes

• Web Intelligence Intr-
- Web Intelligence concepts

• Creating Web Intelligence Documents with Queries
- Creating a new report
- Editing Report query
- Understanding query properties

• Restricting Data Returned by a Query
- Restricting data with query filters
- Predefined query filter
- Single-value query filter
- wildcards in query filters
- prompts
- complex filters

• Designing Web Intelligence Reports
- Working with Web Intelligence documents
- Displaying data in tables and charts
- Creating tables
- Working with tables
- Presenting data in free-standing cells
- Presenting data in charts

• Various features of WebI in Reports
- Breaks, calculations
- Sorts
- Formatting breaks and cross tabs
- Report filters
- Ranking data t- see top or bottom values
- Tracking data changes
- Using alerters t- highlight information
- Organizing a report int- sections
- Copying data t- other applications

• Formatting Reports
- Formatting documents
- Formatting charts

• Calculating Data with Formulas and Variables
- Explaining formulas and variables
- Using formulas and variables

• Using Multiple Data Sources
- Synchronizing data from multiple data sources
- Creating multiple queries in a document
- Synchronizing data with merged dimensions
- Using a personal data provider
• Analyzing Data
- Analyzing the data cube
- Drilling in Web Intelligence documents
- Setting Web Intelligence drill options
• Managing and Sharing Web Intelligence Documents
- Exporting documents t- the CMS
- Managing documents in InfoView
- Viewing a Web Intelligence document in InfoView
- Sharing Web Intelligence documents
- Setting InfoView preferences
- Web Intelligence report panels
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