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Carly, Thomas J., and Harvey are unwanted kids who have all had hard knocks until they find themselves in the same foster home. One battered, one run over by a car, and one emotionally lost, they all are determined to find hope in their new home and in each other.
27 Sep
Thane (Maharashtra)


Three lonely foster children learn to care about themselves and each other.
27 Sep
Thane (Maharashtra)


Very Cool Football Toy to Play with. It will produce lights, music and sound when you manage to get a Goal. It can be played by one or multiple users Description  Product Description  For 1 or 2 Player Perfect Activity Game Set For Your Child. Minimum Assembling Features: * 16 Yellow Disks. * 16 Blue Disks. * 2 Shooters. * 4 Pockets Game. * Base For 1 or 2 Players. Check out my other items ! Be sure to add me to your favourites list ! Sign up for my email newsletters by adding my Shop to your Favourites All our items are shipped within hours. We use the best courier services like Bluedart, FedEx & DTDC to ship the items. In rare Pincodes which are not serviceable we use India Post or any other courier services. Octroi  or any other local taxes will be borne by the buyer if any. To continue to offer the best prices and keep our business running on , Seller feedback is very important. It will be greatly appreciated. Please leave us 5 Star Positive feedback. If you face any issue with the order or the product, please contact us to get the issue resolved. We strive hard to attain great customer satisfaction and will resolve the issues at the earliest. We try to respond to all the messages and emails at the earliest. Please give us business hours. Very Attractive Toy - Latest in Football Series
11 Aug
Jalandhar (Punjab)

₹ 90.000


Features: Arcade play for arcade realism Ultra real physics Variety of games Top notch soundtrack For 1 player Every time pinball is mentioned as a possible candidate for some Saturday-afternoon game playing, eyes start to glaze over, and the unopened Microsoft Entertainment Pack that you got for Christmas last year starts looking more inviting. But the fact is, a good PC pinball simulation can be a great deal of fun, and Addiction Pinball is almost as good as any pinball sim around. The game comes with two tables, both of which are based on other Team17 games. This device works well because the basic gameplay of the originals - Worms 2 and World Rally Fever - provides a good setup for the tables' strategy. On the Worms table, the object is to score kills and complete missions by using specific combinations of shots to the various ramps. Here, hitting a specific ramp at a specified time is more important than scoring points. The Rally Fever table provides a more repetitive strategy where the duplication of certain ramp shots is the key to winning. While it doesn't have the ultrarealism of a game such as Pro Pinball: Timeshock, Addiction Pinball offers more sensory gratification. The table design is really impressive. The tables look and feel like they were meant to be full-fledged arcade table designs. The ball physics, surface friction, and momentum forces respond realistically within the game, and pinball purists will be hard-pressed to find faults. And for those of you who even like the video modes of current stand-up machines, Addiction Pinball gives you some arcade action as well. Addiction Pinball does contain a few irritating elements. The first is the Worms 2 table. If you find the voices of the worms from the original game annoying, you're going to be enraged by the time you finish one game on the Worms table. The Worms table provides too much flavor of the original game Use Coupon DECGAMES10 & get Flat 10% off Max Disc
21 Jun

₹ 4.900

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