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The 2015 newest poker analyzer CVK 350 has come out, so the poker players will have more benefits to enjoy the game with more winning. I will share this excellent device with you as follows. Features: 1. All poker games can be applied to the CVK 350 poker analyzer like Texas Holdem, 4-card Omaha, 5-card Omaha, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti. 2. The versions of language setting have two types: Chinese and English. 3. The short distance camera or long distance camera is available for the CVK 350 analyzer. 4. It can report the result with 100% accuracy in 0.1S. 5. The CVK 350 poker analyzer is able to read cards one by one or report the direct poker result like the first winner hand, second winner hand or ranking of each poker hand. 6. The result can be reported by those output devices like earpiece, vibrator, speaker, Bluetooth or screen display. The advantages of CVK 350 poker analyzer is 1. A real mobile phone (Samsung S4) to cheat secretly in poker games. 2. With fast speed to report the result with 100% accuracy. 3. Easy to be operated by one person. 4. Suitable for all poker playing games. In a world, the latest CVK 350 poker analyzer is an excellent device for your card playing games. More about the CVK350 visit the website:

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The latest all-in-one CVK 350 poker analyzer has launched in the markets. With its extensive application to many poker games, this device will be helpful in your poker gambling cheat. I will introduce this powerful device to you in the following descriptions. 1. This is an all-in-one CVK 350 poker analyzer that integrates a poker analyzer with a camera lens as a whole. Therefore, you can use its own built-in camera or outside camera lens. 2. Reading the side marked cards at a higher speed than other poker analyzers, it will decode the codes of marked cards accurately and report the poker results without any mistake. 3. With its powerful functions, it will read the suit and value of each card one by one or report the direct winner hand to you like the biggest winner hand or rank of each poker player. Within 0.1 seconds, you will receive the poker result by the earpiece or other output devices. 4. The CVK 350 poker analyzer is available for many poker games such as Texas Holdem, Flush, Blackjack and Andar Bahar. And it can be extensively used in home games, private gambling or casino gamble. More about the product pls visit:

₹ 800


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