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Speed and agility training is a must when you're looking to increase the endurance of any sport. I'm finishing off the off-season training sessions with my football team, and these three drills have led to massive shifts in their initial speed or acceleration. If you're a player on the football field, take a look at these FOOTBALL DRILLS FOR ABILITY and SPEED training. Each drill is designed with a different emphasis and will target each particular speed and acceleration motor. Let's dive into it. Half-Kneeling STARTS The first exercise focuses on the strength of your hips, which will push the hips forward. I generally start athletes by putting them in their most dominant position, but it is possible to play by starting with using both feet. The knee should be on the ground before you accelerate to a quick acceleration. This lowers the hips toward the ground so that you'll have to conquer an increased range of motion before the first step. You'll need to increase the force to begin moving. Start by standing with your feet staggered to the front and the knees in the rear lowered to the ground. The hands should be placed in a "sprint position," with one hand on your face and the other by your hip. You force your back foot forward to step while simultaneously pushing your hips forward to increase extension. The Falling Season is Getting Started The next set of exercises concentrates on driving the knees and flexing the hips to ensure a solid beginning. Start by placing your feet directly to the line. Maintaining your body's alignment when you begin to fall forward. In the final minute, when you reach an upward angle, take a step back and stretch your hips to accelerate straight into the sprint. START AGGRESSIVE CROUCH This final set of exercises focuses on projection. These are performed from a crouching position. That's how athletes in track move through the blocks during the sprint. I modified this posture by spreading the feet and hands more, creating an "aggressive" angle. This allows the athlete to take on more terrain and explode to get over the crouching start. You're not only applying pressure backward and forwards but also stretching your thigh to gain ground. Begin with staggered feet with one in front and the other behind, as is the traditional way to start, and knees straight. The hands must be placed standing on the ground about shoulder distance. The fingertips should be firmly slung over the shoulders. When you push the back foot forward to step forward, move the opposite arm backward to create momentum. ADVANTAGES OF AGILITY, SPEED TRAINING Each exercise is intended to be performed in a sequence in addition to each other. Extensive hips, hip flexion, and extension are the three primary aspects of speed and agility training. You know that speed is crucial as an athlete, but the first step is vital. Being able to speed up through the field, catch the pass or even play a goal or make or. These aspects contribute to more extraordinary athleticism and performance when playing; therefore, it's crucial to incorporate them regularly into your training. Better yet, devote this off-season to the development of speed and agility. It is easy to incorporate acceleration training into your existing program with Game Speed Agility which is focused on three critical aspects of agility development: The Mechanics For Management Cognitive Conditioning
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