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QR Code Link to This Post A Decorative Laminates Sheets is usually permanently assembled by heat, pressure or adhesives. High Pressure Decorative Laminates Sheets are key design choice and have a range of applications and specific benefits of use. Decorative Laminates Sheets are valued for their best equality?in color, tone and luster for designers. Without laminates, the ultramodern interior infrastructure industry cannot outlive. If plywood adds to the body and functioning of interiors, then laminates render form and ambiance to any portion. Decorative Laminates Sheets are hard and brittle sheets having a thickness of around 1 mm, and are widely used as an overlay over wood. The sheets have a decorative surface (made using decorative printed paper) and are manufactured in a wide variety of colors, design patterns and textures. If you are searching for dynamic and innovative surfaces for your home furniture or office cubicles and partitions, these are the perfect choice to lend an exclusive luxury look. The best part is that you may choose among hundreds of designs in scores of finishes in this category to match the overall look of your place. Features: • We produce the covers which are utilized to enrich the homes. • Our item is utilized by the modelers to ad lib their advancement and imagination. • We produce them at high or low weight. • Our covers are accessible at sensible costs. • We supply them at customer's extraordinary indicated request. Contact Us: Northern Laminates Khajuri Road, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana-135001. AN ISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004 CERTIFIED CO. show contact info Website: http://www.northernlam.com/decorative-laminate-sheets.html
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Design Space toilet cubicles are made from 10-12mm Compact Grade laminates with a phenolic core comprising of multiple layers of Kraft paper and Phenolic Resins. The manufacturing process uses the most modern machinery based on thermosetting resins reinforced with Cellulose Fibers. These solid HPL cubicles are extremely wear resistant to cigarette burns, cleaning agents and scratches.
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