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Delhi (Delhi)
This piece of equipment has been my best friend at every stage that I have stood upon. The POD HD 500x is a trusty, durable and versatile guitar processor that offers immaculate amp emulations. The sound delivered by this processor is nothing short of perfect and can be used to create any guitar tome that you can think of, from steve vai to garry moore. The unit's body is entirely made of metal and features responsibe chrome buttons that are underlit with light rings that make it the perfect equipment for late night gigs. The processor also offers numerous connectivity options like quater inch port, XLR's and even an usb. The POD also doubles as an audio interface and helps ome record their ideas on the go. The unit features a carry case which makes it extremely portable and protects it from nicks and bumps while you're on the road. The carry case too like processor is in perfect condition.
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