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Britain is home to almost 100 species of mammals. Many of them are nocturnal, almost all are difficult to see, and most people—even very keen natural history enthusiasts—struggle to see more than about 10 a year—rabbits, foxes, a few deer, perhaps. So can one ordinary young family manage 50 in just one year?
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ALIENS ARE ON THE MOVE! They spread out underwater, smothering sea plants and destroying fish eggs in the Mediterranean Sea. They multiply and invade wooded areas in Australia and Hawaii, killing off the native flora and fauna. They travel by air, water, boat…even on the shoes and clothes of humans! Award-winning science writer Mary Batten introduces young readers to the serious and ongoing environmental problems caused by invasive plant and animal species. Citing numerous examples, including the accidental release of the gypsy moth into the United States in 1869 and the deliberate introduction of rabbits to Australia by English settlers, Batten shows how in each case the delicate balance of the local ecosystem is threatened or even destroyed by the foreign intrusion. At the end of the book, Batten offers readers a glossary and a list of ideas they can use to minimize their own impact on local environments. Artist Beverly Doyle's realistic, full-color illustrations and maps highlight the diversity of the natural world and outline the global routes taken by animal and plant invaders.
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"Falling truly, madly, deeply in love with one animal after another was a recurrent theme of the author's childhood, actively encouraged by her beautiful, impetuous mother as she single-handedly held the family together during the war's darkest days. While her husband's regiment battled through the Tunisian desert to Italy and Austria, she criss-crossed beleaguered Britain with children, ration books, and an unwieldy train of rabbits, dogs, cats and ponies, dreaming of land of her own. But farming can't be learned overnight, and translated into the reality of 400 acres of hilly, rain-lashed Radnorshire, that dream became a challenge for all ranks. Dragooned into acting as unskilled, unpaid labour for jobs that would make today's Health-and-Safety freaks blench - burning rushes, driving tractors, riding on Land-Rover bonnets and towering haywains - the children came to look on boarding-school as a rest-cure, though they retain from those days of carefree, unregulated farm life a treasure-house of memories. This elegant memoir, told with disarming honesty and gentle humour, follows the development of a lively, headstrong, self-effacing young girl into womanhood."
Thane (Maharashtra)


Product Description:   wholesome food for young rabbits (from 8 weeks of age to a year) based on high-fiber granules with grasses, alfalfa, apple and sunflower seeds and the addition of dried, vitamin-rich vegetables and aromatic herbs the rich formula of food provides growing rabbits with all the necessary nutrients high fiber content and addition of beetroot and herbs regulate digestion prebiotic properties of many nutrients stimulate the development of normal intestinal bacterial flora and support the immune system of rabbits the addition of zeolite reduces the unpleasant smell of faeces food does not contain whole cereal grains, genetically modified ingredients (GMO), preservatives, flavor enhancers, added sugar and flavors Food for companion animals. FEEDING: Growing rabbit (up to 8 months of age) should be given unlimited access to the granules. From the age of 8 months, reduce the amount of granules in the diet (so that the target daily dose is 50-80 g) and increase the proportion of hay and fresh vegetables. Ensure constant access to hay and water. Complete feed for young rabbits. Composition: cereals (including maize), products of vegetable origin (including granules with 9% grass, granules with alfalfa 6%, parsley, mint, chamomile, marigold flower), fruits (dried apple contained in granules 9%), vegetables (dried beet 2%, dried carrot 2%), seeds (including sunflower contained in granules 3%, linseed contained in granules 1.5%), feed materials of mineral origin (zeolite 1%). Additions: dyes. Analytical components: crude protein 13.5%, oils and crude fats 4.2%, crude fiber 13.0%, humidity 11.0%.
Mumbai (Maharashtra)

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