FACULTY PROFILE: M.Sc & BSc in COMP.Sc.,SET qualified, GATE qualified, C-CAT( exam qualified, former guest lecturer of calcutta university affiliated college. Tuition offered for exam like:NET,SET,GATE,MCA,BCA,B.SC(CS),M.SC(CS),ssc,C-CAT( and other in computer science oriented exam and campus interview like BTECH(cs),MCA,BCA AND OTHER COMPUTER SCIENCE CAMPUS INTERVIEW. Tuition offered for the following field of computer science: C,C++,core java,Data Structure & algorithm, Automata Theory, Compiler Design,Database Management System, Operating System, Discrete math,Networking,Digital Logic,Computer organization & Architecture etc(according to the exam syllabus). I am experienced in when one find a coaching to having a proper guidance to crack an exam or interview, how they feel if they don't get it.EVERYBODY KNOW HOW CANDIDATE FEELING WHEN HE/SHE CAN'T UNDERSTAND THEIR SUBJECT AND NOT QUALIFYING EXAM,INTERVIEW WHICH THEY REQUIRED TO DO.AND OTHER FRIENDS AND RELATIVES WHEN GOT IT.THEREFORE STOP REGRETTING INSTEAD OF TAKE AN USEFUL STEP. The above all mentioned part OF COMP.SC. are really easy and interesting. But to student each parts are nightmare for college faculty'S teaching. And preparation of exam like net/set/gate AND CAMPUS INTERVIEW can't be done like our usual college and coaching classes, I want to show them how one can prepare oneself that no one can beat him/her for a single question from computer science. Often student skip the fundamental field like c,data structure, operating system,computer organization etc.Those are the part gateway of computer science and if one going through on these,then no one can't be beaten in campus interview for a single question.when someone got cleared his/her campus interview, others start making excuses how she/he got it, like he/she is from convent background, as if his/her question was easy than others, the interview topic was from this particular chapter which i had not read carefully etc. Stop thinking this kind of illogical concept.Those concept are no more useful.Better take some useful step.Learn properly C, DSA,OS and get cleared. I know accurately where student actually get confused and how to remove that. After long practices intermittently i found the secret of studying comp. sc and the secret ingredient is nothing but study comp. sc's book as you study your comics book. of course it is not easy as much as like i said, but definitely it's not impossible(I have done),and this habit one could be done between just 2-3 month. But our college and usual coaching classes faculty always make it impossible for hiding their poor knowledge. they act like a demigod and simply make comp sc impossible and make student suffer for their whole life. Today almost every school,college,institute teach little bit c,java and certificate courses), then what are difference between a student & a regular certificate candidate, well the difference is just a paper of certificate. I'll show them how to make difference beyond of certificate. I have many question set in each part of computer science.By practicing this student's skill definitely be improved,and you can feel that just after 4-5 classes. LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY CAMPUS INTERVIEW OR EXAM LIKE GATE/NET/SET/C-CAT,THOSE ARE IMPORTANT PART OF OUR LIFE. THESE WILL INFLUENCE OUR LIFE TILL DEATH, YES YOU TRY TO FEEL THAT.DON'T TAKE IT LIGHTLY,I'M NOT ASKING YOU TO GET TENSED, BUT THINK ABOUT IT SERIOUSLY. YOUR ONE VITAL STEP COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE THAN OTHERS.AT LEAST 1 DAY EVERYONE SPEND THEIR TIME WITH NO USEFUL WORK IN A WEEK, THEN I SUGGEST YOU BETTER VISIT MY TUITION, TAKE A 4-5 HOUR LONG CLASS. YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY ADVANCED FOR 1ST DAY 4-5 HOUR CLASS THOUGH THIS 4-5 HOUR IS NOT A DEMO CLASS,YOU WILL BE TAUGHT CORE PART.AFTER THAT IF YOU SATISFIED YOU CAN CONTINUE FOR ANOTHER DAY,OTHERWISE DON'T AND YOU DON'T NEED TO PAY FOR 1ST CLASS, AS MUCH AS SIMPLE. AGAIN YOUR ONE SUBTLE,SMALL BUT VERY IMPORTANT DECISION CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE TILL DEATH. THINK AGAIN


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