How to avoid frauds

16 June 2014 · Maria Trigueiros

How to find out if an advertiser is fraudulent?

You need to be very careful with the ads you are interested in. It is important to look for a direct contact with the vendor, never give the seller money before receiving goods. If possible, meet the seller at the time of buying on a public place.

What should I do if I find a fraudulent ad?

For Clasf Safety is always in the first place this is why in the ad's page you will find a button that allows you to “Report the ad”. All contents reported will be considered illegal and deleted.

Report ad

What fraudulent advertisers usually do?

Pay attention to all ads with:

  • Suspiciously low price;
  • With no direct contact information;
  • Where the seller ads and answers are written in poor English;
  • Where you are required to send money before having received the goods you are willing to buy;
  • When the seller required for the payment of extra services;
  • Will not answer phone calls;
  • Will not provide you a verify telephone number;
  • Ask you yo wire money into on international account.  

What should I do if I think that an advertiser is a crook?

If you suspect that an ad is not genuine, report it yourself trough the link “Report ad” or contact us if you need any clarification.

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