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Sony VGP-BPS26 batterie originale 4000mAh, 44Wh pour ordinateur portable Sony Vaio s ries est 100% neuf et emball e bien. Si vous achetez cette Sony VGP-BPS26 batterie remplacement ici, on vous donne une garantie de 12 mois et Satisfait rembours 30 jours. Notre Sony VGP-BPS26 batterie est 100% neuf et exclusivement assembl avec des composants de premier choix afin de r pondre aux normes CE,RoHS. Voici les caract ristiques techniques de cette Sony VGP-BPS26 batterie Type: batterie d'origine Li-ion rechargeable Tension:11.1V Capacit: 4000mAh, 44Wh Cellules de batterie:6-cellules Couleur: Noir Garantie: 12 mois Cette batterie est aussi compatible avec les mod les suivants: SONY VGP-BPL26, VGP-BPS26, VGP-BPS26A, VGP-BPS26S Les batteries s'adaptent au mod les des ordinateurs portables suivant: Sony E Series 14P, EG38EC/W, PCG-61711W, PCG-61712T, PCG-61713L, PCG-61714L, PCG-61813L, PCG-61911L, PCG-61913L, PCG-61A12L, PCG-61A13L, PCG-61A14L, PCG-71613L, PCG-71613w, PCG-71614L, PCG-71614M, PCG-71713L, PCG-71811L, PCG-71811M, PCG-71811W, PCG-71911L, Pcg-71911m, PCG-71912L, PCG-71913L, PCG-71914L, PCG-71C11L, PCG-71C12L, PCG-91211L, PCG-91311L, SV-E1712F1EW, SVE141100C, SVE14116EC, SVE14116ECB, SVE14117EC, SVE14117ECB, SVE14118EC, SVE14118ECB, SVE1411SAC, SVE141C11T, SVE141D11T, SVE141D12T, SVE14A15FGH, SVE14A16EC, SVE14A16ECP, SVE14A17EC, SVE14A17ECP, SVE14A18EC, SVE14A18ECW, SVE14A1M6E, SVE14A1S1C, SVE14A1S1E, SVE14A1S6C, SVE14A26CC, SVE14A27CC, SVE14A28CC, SVE14A29CC, SVE14A2S, SVE14A2S1C, SVE14AA12T, SVE14AE13T, SVE14AG13L, SVE14AG16T, SVE151100C, SVE15116EC, SVE15116ECB, SVE15118EC, SVE15118ECB, SVE1511A1E, SVE1511B1E, SVE1511D1E, SVE1511J1E, SVE1511P1E, SVE1511Q1E, SVE1511R9E, SVE1511SAC, SVE1511V1E, SVE1511W1E, SVE1511X1E, SVE1511Y1E, SVE1511Z1E, SVE15125YC, SVE15126CC, SVE15128CC, SVE15128CG, SVE1512C5E, SVE1512H1EW, SVE1512SAC, SVE151B11N, SVE151C11M, SVE151C11T, SVE151D11L, SVE151D11M, SVE151D12T, SVE151J11M, SVE1711F1E, SVE1711G1E, SVE1711J1E, SVE1711L1E, SVE1711P1E, SVE1711Q1E, SVE1711R1E, SVE1711V1E, SVE1711W1E, SVE1711X1E, SVE1711X1EB, SVE1711Z1E, SVE17129CC, SVE17129CCW, SVE171C11T, VAIO E14 Series, VAIO E15 Series, VAIO SVE141100C, VAIO SVE14111EG, VAIO SVE14111EGB, VAIO SVE14111EN, VAIO SVE14111ENB, VAIO SVE14112EA, VAIO SVE14112EAB, VAIO SVE14112EF, VAIO SVE14112EFB, VAIO SVE14112EG, VAIO SVE14112EGB, VAIO SVE14112EH, VAIO SVE14112EHB, VAIO SVE14112EN, VAIO SVE14112ENB, VAIO SVE14113EG, VAIO SVE14113EGB, VAIO SVE14113EN, VAIO SVE14113ENB, VAIO SVE14115FA, VAIO SVE14115FAB, VAIO SVE14115FG, VAIO SVE14115FGB, VAIO SVE14115FH, VAIO SVE14115FHW, VAIO SVE14115FN, VAIO SVE14115FNB, VAIO SVE14115FW, VAIO SVE14115YC, VAIO SVE14116EC, VAIO SVE14116ECB, VAIO SVE14116GN, VAIO SVE14116GNB, VAIO SVE14117EC, VAIO SVE14117ECB, VAIO SVE14117GN, VAIO SVE14117GNB, VAIO SVE14118EC, VAIO SVE14118ECB, VAIO SVE14118FG, VAIO SVE14118FGB, VAIO SVE14118FH, VAIO SVE14118FHB, VAIO SVE14118FW riginale-4000mah-44wh-pour-ordinateur-portable-sony-vaio-s%C 3%A9ries-p-21154.html


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Sony VGPBPS26 batterie originale 4000mAh 44Wh
Sony VGPBPS26 batterie originale 4000mAh 44Wh 0
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