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16 June 2014 · Maria Trigueiros

What is a Classified ad?

A classified ad is an insertion, posted in order to buy or sell goods and/or services that can be published for free on a specific site.

What is Clasf?

Clasf is a free classified ads website where you can post ads to buy or sell any kind of goods.

Is Clasf Free?

Yes, Clasf is 100% free. We don’t charge for nothing.

Do I need to register to use Clasf?

No. You don't need to register to be able to post an ad for free, or to browse and contact sellers. However, we recommend that you complete the registration process in order to activate your personal profile.

Is very simple and for FREE to have an account in Clasf, you only to need to click on “register” on the upper right size, and insert your email and a password.

Then we send you an email to confirm your account.

Like this simple you are register at Clasf and you can enjoy all the advantages we have for you.  

How do I look for a specific item in Clasf?

If you want to look for a specific product and/or service in Clasf you simply need to type the keywords into the search bar at the top of all our pages. 

We will show you listings and then you can click on the ones that match better with your need.

How does my profile in Clasf works?

First of all to have a profile in Clasf you must complete our very simple registration process. Through your personal profile you can see, edit our erase all the ads you have posted. You also can manage your personal information, the email notifications you have set and your favorite ads.

How do I edit the information on my profile?

All you need to do is access your profile through the “My Clasf” link and edit all the sections that you want to change.


All you need is Clasf!

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