What is paper quilling?

31 July 2014 · Vanessa

Quilling is a technique that consists of rolling stripes of paper in order to make decorations, jewelry and all kind of artistries.  

This art is nothing new. In fact, it was created by the French and Italian in the late Middle Ages and became popular around all Europe in the 18th century.

Quilling paper decorations

One of the advantages of this kind of decoration is its price. You can use recycle paper to make your creations; you will only need your hands, some skills, a little bit of glue and a lot of imagination.

If you want to make more professional looking decorations, there are some special quilling kits to help you with your designs.  

You need a lot of time to create these handicrafts, it requires practice and patience. However, it is a really relaxing activity and you will feel satisfied once you finish your creations.

Quilling paper

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