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Jaimini Light 2.0 In 3 languages: Hindi-English-Telugu Compatible with Windows XP, Win7, Win8, Win10       List of Contents Astrological Particulars (as per Jaimini principles). Planetary Positions, Longitudes of Upa-Grahas, & Lagna Kundali. Sapta-Karakas, Ashta-Karakas, Jaimini Aspects - Frontal & Lateral. Graha Balas & Bhava Balas - In the light of Jaimini principles. 4 Charts - Lagna Kundali, Navamsha Kundali (Traditional), Navamsha Kundali (KrishnaMishra), Karakamsha Lagna Kundali. 4 Charts - Drekkana Kundali (Parivritti Traya), Drekkana Kundali (Somanath), Arudha Lagna Kundali, Upa-Pada Lagna Kundali. 4 Charts - Hora Lagna, Bhava Lagna, Ghatika Lagna, Paka Lagna. 4 Charts - Indu Lagna, Divya Lagna, Tara Lagna, Tripravana Lagna. 4 Charts - Panchamamsha (D-5), Shashtamsha (D-6), Ashtamamsha (D-8), Rudramsha (D-11).List of Jaimini Chara Dasha (NLKT) & Jaimini Chara Dasha (RB-NS). List of Trikona Dasha (NLKT) & Trikona Dasha (RB-NS). List of Sthira Dasha & Brahma-Graha Dasha. List of Mandooka Dasha & Trikuta Dasha. List of Atma-Karaka Dasha & Upa-Karaka Graha Dasha. Navamsha Kundali and PadaNath-Amsha Dasha. Ekadashamsha Chart and Rudra-Mandooka Dasha. Argalas: Mukhya-, Gouna-, Virodha-, and Vishesha-. Bhuktis & Antaras of Jaimini Chara Dasha (NLKT). Bhuktis & Antaras of Jaimini Chara Dasha (RB-NS). Bhuktis & Antaras of Trikona Dasha (NLKT). Bhuktis & Antaras of Trikona Dasha (RB-NS). Bhuktis & Antaras of Jaimini Sthira Dasha. Bhuktis & Antaras of Brahma-Graha Dasha. Bhuktis & Antaras of Mandooka Dasha. Bhuktis & Antaras of Jaimini Trikuta Dasha. Experimental method (of JCD divs. & subdivs.). Predictions Section Predictions from Karakamsha, and various signs from it. Predictions from the "Yogas" - as per Jaimini principles. Predictions from Jaimini Chara Dasha (RB-NS). Predictions from Trikona Dasha (RB-NS). Predictions from Jaimini Sthira Dasha (RB-NS). Predictions from Brahma-Graha Dasha (RB-NS). Predictions from Mandooka Dasha (RB-NS). Predictions from Jaimini Trikuta Dasha (RB-NS). Predictions from Atma-Karaka Dasha (RB-NS). Predictions from Upa-Karaka Graha Dasha (RB-NS). Planetary Contributions (various methods). General Introduction to "Jaimini Light", (version 1.0). Additional Information for interested Readers. General Introduction To "Jaimini Light" Horoscope Software: Although Jaimini system of Astrology is generally considered to be an offshoot of Traditional Parasari system, in fact it is a part and parcel of ancient Indian Astrology. There are certain delicate niceties, which make the system so unique. In many cases, it will be found that sage Jaimini had dispensed with cumbersome calculations, and instead had offered some simple yet very useful methods. In this system, the signs are given relatively more importance, and the 'aspects' are considered of signs - not of planets (which happens in traditional Parasari system). The Dasha-systems are also distinctly different; in most cases*, those are not of planets - but of signs; those are not at all dependent on the longitude of the Moon, and there is no question of finding the Balance of Dasha at birth; the durations of all the Dashas - including that of the commencing one - are always in terms of a number of full years. (* However, there are certain exceptions in case of a few Jaimini Dasha-systems like Karaka Dashas - Atma-Karaka Dasha and Upa-Karaka Graha Dasha - the Dashas are of Signs and Planets combined. Besides, in these cases, only those signs which are occupied by planets will appear in the list of Dashas; the remaining signs will not have their Dasha-periods.) In Northern and Central parts of our country (India), the Jaimini system of Astrology could not become at all popular; here people seem to be overly obsessed with Vimshottari Dasha, which is - probably without any justification - considered to be Parashari. It is the opinion of many learned Astrologers that the authenticity of Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra is considered suspect. Even the great authors of relatively recent origin (in comparison to sage Parasara) like Varaha Mihira (of Brihat Jataka), his illustrious son Prithu Yasha (of Hora Sara), king Kalyan Varma (of Saravali), etc Astrologers of great standing did not mention anything about Vimshottari Dasha in their books. It was mentioned only by Mantreswara (of Phala Deepika) of South India, and is also found in certain other work of Yavana origin (in Chandra Bharana Jataka). For finding the nature of events, and more particularly for finding the timing of events, more often than not, the much over-used Vimshottari Dasha system offers very unreliable results. However, Jaimini system has been quite popular in South India - particularly in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. A number of learned persons in Jaimini Astrology have hailed from these states. In the Eastern part of our country, in states like West-Bengal, Assam, Orissa, etc there are some learned Astrologers, who offer their predictions by fully depending on Jaimini system; and, the accuracy they are capable of arriving at is really very amazing. They do not use it simply as an alternate or auxiliary system; in fact, for offering astrological predictions, they do not at all need any assistance from Vimshottari Dasha, or any other Parashari Dasha. The divisions (Bhuktis) and sub-divisions (Antaras) of Jaimini Dashas has been traditionally being done by many students and learners by following Neelkanta's recommendation; and this supposed 'only' (!) method being invariably and indiscrimately applied to all the Jaimini Dasha-systems is probably the very first blocking stone wall - which the students and learners generally come across, and presumably never become able to cross. But from decades of practical experience it has been clearly established that this method deserves to be summarily discarded. Regardless of the duration of any Jaimini Dasha, the duration of a Bhukti in any Jaimini Dasha will be of 1 year only - beginning from one birthday to the next; as such, in a Dasha - in most cases - all the signs won't appear as Bhuktis. However, in any Bhukti, there will be 12 Antaras of equal duration - of 1 month each. If the divisions and the sub-divisions are done by following this method, then finding the nature of events - and also the timing of events - will never appear to be a difficult task at all. It is a good thing to note that the general interest of the Astrology students and learners in Jaimini system has been increasing ever since in recent years. Although a number of translated versions of "Jaimini Sutra" are available in the market, none of those provide dependable information about how to use the various Dasha systems in an effective manner for the purpose of finding the narrow-range timings of major and significant (favorable or otherwise) events in life. A few authors have published some books recently - on some Dashas like Chara Dasha, Mandooka Dasha, etc. But study of these books leave the readers no wiser; since the authors seem to have no real experience of utilizing these Dasha systems for predictive purposes; while some of them, owing to their lack of maturity, have been swayed away by their over-enthusiasm, there are yet some others - who have always been making deceitful tall claims quite deliberately. Any method for finding narrow-range timing of events has not been mentioned in any of these books anywhere - particularly in those written by the cunning pretentious authors of the later category. A good part of Jaimini Astrology is devoted to Calculation of Longevity. But since an Astrologer as a rule must have some moral responsibility, and probably in this regard there are some legal restrictions also. So, we did not go for longevity calculation and preferred to remain silent about it. It is everybody's common knowledge that all the people do not-, and cannot-, have the same or similar duration as longevity, and reactions of the individuals to this particular question vary from person to person. Besides, there are also some possibilities that a particular person might become interested to know about the longevity duration of some other person (who may even be of one of his/ her close relative) for some dishonest or selfish intention. It is thus always desirable to avoid this question altogether, and antagonize none - in order to remain on the safer side. A software essentially based on Jaimini principles - which lays special emphasis on predictive aspects covering the various favorable and otherwise events and happenings of life - had been in demand since long. (To the best of our knowledge and belief, any such software has not been developed by anybody else anywhere in the world so far). We have therefore tried our level best for putting in as many sets of varying combinations as possible - so that in certain particular respects, sensible predictions could be obtained. In our corresponding conclusions, as a rule, we have invariably mentioned the relevant combinations - against which the predictions are being obtained. This is expected to help the Astrology students and learners to gain a quite clear understanding of the Jaimini principles involved for predictive purposes in a gradual and systematic manner; their own predictive ability is also very much likely to be considerably improved; besides, it is also expected to improve their memory. We earnestly look forward to receiving proper feedback. Thus, we crave the indulgence of the users for letting us be informed about their valuable opinions in respect of it's contents, layout and/ or the style of representation. We have tried our level best so that the work may become totally free from any error - computational or otherwise; but if some errors are still creeping in, and if those are reported to us upon being detected, then we shall arrange to get the error(s) rectified at the earliest. We are also inviting open-minded suggestions for incorporating some addition(s), alteration(s), modification(s), etc - so that those might be incorporated in our forthcoming possible future version(s). Any kind of constructive criticism will also be very welcome. The communications we would receive in any of these respects will surely be promptly acknowledged with gratitude and thanks. We would surely consider ourselves amply rewarded if our efforts could be found to be of use it had really been intended for - that is, if (and only if) the actual users can become adequately benefited. Complying with the request of some general users, in this version of the software, the observed Astrological combinations have been mentioned separately - followed by the corresponding predictions given in plain 'non-technical' words - so that the things would be much easier to understand even to the uninitiated beginners. Design Set-Up For "Jaimini Light" Horoscope Software This is an unique Predictive Astrology software - fully based on the Principles of the great sage Jaimini. In it's each and every step, only after checking through a series of conditions, and also checking for the presence of contra-indications (if any), this program offers surprisingly realistic predictions in a very efficient manner - what most of the self-proclaimed persons claiming to be "Astrologers" (!) in fact cannot. A great bulk of calculations and information are obtainable within a few seconds only. This software is capable of predicting the precise nature of various kinds of possible events and happenings - together with the indications for expected timings (the unit of time is 1 month only!). It is not only an invaluable guide for Astrology students and general learners, it can also prove to be an indispensable tool for many educated and experienced Astrology practitioners, and those who have been conducting serious researches in this sacred field. This software program is capable of accurately casting horoscopes for most of the places in the world – it does not matter whether the Longitude is “East” or “West”, and it covers the Latitude “North” and “South” both (up to 60* N, and up to 60* S respectively). The Longitude and Latitude values for more than 1, 50, 000 places of the world – together with the respective “Time Zone” figures (or differences from GMT) have been provided. Besides, the provision has also been kept so that the user can include the Longitude, Latitude, and Time Zone figures for any other place of his/ her choice – supposing that the particular place has not been covered in value of precession of equinoxes) – according to the users’ own choice. For an average person, it would yield about 500 to 550 pages of printouts: Various Astrological Charts and Lists of Various Jaimini Dashas, etc (nearly 50 pages), the Bhuktis-Antaras Lists of Various Jaimini Dasha-systems (about 250 pages), and predictions from various sources (about 215 to 235 pages) - fully covering the various favorable and otherwise events and happenings of life, together with their possible timing of events. Provisions have been kept for taking the printouts of- only selected topics, or all the pages either - according to the users’ own choice.


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