How to take care of your artificial jewellery

24 October 2013 · Maria Trigueiros

Do you love jewellery and you like to look good when you are wearing fake jewellery ?

Nowadays you can find real good artificial jewellery but it is always important to keep it in good condition.

What to do ?

1-      Organize and sort them out per types

2-      Clean with water and liquid soap. But don’t forget to dry it completely

3-      Take care of it

4-      Find a dry place in your room. Avoid bathroom.

So now you know, fake jewellery have a lot of advantages but once they are not made by silver or gold, their resistance is not so good.

The truth is for the amour you pay for that you can ask a lot, but as everything if you care about it they will have a longer life.

artificial jewellery

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