What to do to be more positive

19 November 2013 · Maria Trigueiros

What to do to be more positive

Always be positive

Nowadays everyone has common bad days because of a lot of reasons.

And people think that the bad things only happen with them. Sorry to say that, but that it is not true. Everyone has really bad days, but people react on a different way. They are some more positive people who can handle better and others that just can't.

There is some advices to help you to be more positive and to have more good than bad days.

Compare your life with another person … there is always someone who is on a worst situation than you, and you don’t need to think a lot to find.

Try always to find something positive about what happened to you, on the most od the situations there is always a lesson, a experience… something positive on that.

The las and very important one it is to be pay attention and to be open to positive things that can happen during your day. Like a music with a positive and nice lyric, a smile of a stranger, someone holding a door to you, a bus that arrives on the some second than you … To sum up, small things that can happen on your daily life that are really nice.

If you are suffering a specific problem, use that moment to change a little something in your life. Sell your old things online, buy a dog or a cat or change your look. Just to do something and you will feel better.

Or get a book, maybe it can helps you: Get Great e-books and change your life

Be happy! Be positive because life is good.

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