What to do to control anxiety

14 July 2014 · Maria Trigueiros

By definition anxiety is a condition that can result from insecurity and fear. It can be also be a result of discomfort feeling, when for example you are on a new and certain environment.


It’s important to try to control our anxiety naturally without using medications. To do it there is some practices and habits that we should try to control and avoid this condition.

1.Do exercise regularly - By practicing physical exercise you produce more serotonin, which the substance that makes us feel better. Sometimes, even just a daily walk can help you on make you feel better.

2. Try to reduce stress - first try to organize your day to avoid stress. In case you continue feeling anxious you should consider to begin with massage, meditation, yoga, and / or acupuncture sessions.

3. Monitor breathing - Breathing better you are reducing reactions of your autonomic nervous system.

4. Avoid negative thoughts - always try to find the positive side of situations. Listen to music and read inspiring texts and pay attention to the details.

5. Eat bananas and chocolate, for example. They are rich in tryptophan. You can also find it in  capsules, but is always better natural solution.  Drink tea. Chamomile, passiflore, lemon balm and valerian have mild sedative and it helps you to control anxiety.

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