What do you think about when you can't sleep?

04 June 2014 · Maria Trigueiros

Sometimes is hard to follow asleep, and that can mean a big problem or a night without the rest you need.

A trick a lot of people do is to think about various stupid things or imagine their self’s somewhere far away. They try to occupy their mind with random and stupid thinks and sometimes it works.


1. Imagine you are walking on the beach.

2- Sheep. Just try and you can be surprised.

3. If you fall asleep now you will sleep more

4. You as a superhero!

5. Design your dream house

6. All the places you went and you want to go all over the world

7. Read a book

8. Watch a youtube video

9. Red pandas playing in the snow

10. About your dreams

11. Set a wish list

12. What it love about

13. Who you’re going to marry

14. It is worst to don’t have one leg or one arm

To  finish you can always try buy a new bed, sheets or pillows. Because maybe that is the problem.

Before buying sell your old items in Clasf India :P

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