How to substitute or replace coffee?

09 April 2014 · Maria Trigueiros

Coffee is one the most consume drink all over the world, but it is not healthy to have more than two coffees maximum per day. The reasons are because it is an acidic and it has caffeine.

Coffee stays in your body for 7 hours, which means that even the coffee in the morning can affect your sleep. If you have insomnia, sleeplessness or anxiety it is not recommend to drink coffee at all.

Fortunately there are some substitutes to get off coffee and still have energy during the day.

Teecino is like a herbal coffee with a similar flavor but it is caffeine free and no acidic.  

Dandy Blenf another herbal coffee, caffeine free and has no acidity or bitterness. It contains no gluten too.

Green tea it still has a little caffeine but it is healthier and it feels much cleaner.

Chai, I think I don`t need to say nothing about it. It is tasty and healthy.  

Water with lemon – gives you energy and it is good for your metabolism.

Green Smoothies and/or with nuts  - Fruits and vegetables it is a good combination because it gives the sugar and nutrients you need to have energy all day along, as well as the “well-known” nuts.

tea, smoothies and chai

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