The amazing advantages of reading

18 August 2014 · Vanessa

Reading is an excellent habit, but unfortunately, is not very common these days. We live in a world surrounded by technology and everybody is fonder of a computer or smartphone than a book.

Reading makes us imagine, disconnect from our daily life, analyze and be more critical. Besides all the intellectual advantages, reading a book is also good for our bodies and general health.

Take a look at all of the benefits:

Reading helps to fight brain diseases and disorders.

When we read we exercise our brain so that our memory is developed.

The reading habit reduces stress because we disconnect from our daily responsibilities and we enter an imaginary world that helps us relax.

It is an economical practice. Although new books are often expensive, you always have the opportunity to buy second hand books and save some money. You can also sell old books we have already read to buy others.

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