5 foods you should keep out of the fridge

16 September 2014 · Vanessa

There are many foods that we eat almost daily which we keep in the fridge thinking it is the best way to maintain their properties. However, not everything that we eat must be kept in a cold place.

Here are 5 foods you should keep away from the fridge. You sure will be surprised.


This little plant likes fresh air. The cold from the refrigerator accelerates the ripening process. Also, if you keep them out of the refrigerator it will prevent all your food from getting impregnated with a strong odor.


Did you know that honey does not expire? Yes, you can store the honey in your pantry for years and it will stay fresh forever. If you put it in the fridge it will soon crystallize and become so hard that you won’t be able to use it.


Their delicate and soft texture makes us think that they will be better preserved under cold temperature. However, the cold has a negative effect on them, and leave your tomatoes with an unpleasant texture and make them to lose their properties and firmness.


If the avocados you find in the supermarket are too green, do not worry, keep them out of the fridge to help them achieve their exact point of maturation. However, if you want to keep half of one, you can leave them in the cold, but always leaving the seed to prevent the meat from rusting.


The flavors and aromas of spices get more intense with the heat. For this reason, it is logical that the fridge is their biggest enemy. Moisture and cold diminish the intensity of its flavor.

Food you can keep out of the fridge

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