Food that keeps your heart healthy

05 August 2014 · Vanessa

Food that keep your heart healthy

The best way to have a healthy life is eating well and training regularly. Certain foods keep us fit and help us to prevent some diseases. Atherosclerosis is a major cause of death these days. According to some doctors, eating some specific fruits, oils and vegetables can protect our arteries and heart.

If you keep a good diet you can reduce your blood pressure, improve your circulatory system and control your weight. We bring you a list of foods that protect your heart:
Granada juice: it is full of antioxidants, even more than blackberry and blueberry juices. It has been proven that its consumption helps to fight arteriosclerosis problems.
Nuts : nuts have a high amount of omega-3, which is a kind of good fat that protects the heart. You can eat hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, etc., and have them as a healthy snack every day. 

Olive oil : Using extra virgin olive oil that has been cold pressed reduces the risk of heart disease.
Avocado: avocados are high in monounsaturated fats. These sort of fats are oxidized in the body and do not increase the risk of atherosclerosis.
Garlic: garlic is rich in antioxidants as well. They fight against free radical damage in the body and help reduce cholesterol levels.
Apples: according to researches, apples contain flavonoids that reduce the risk of heart disease by 50% if consumed regularly.

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