Led’s for you bike

12 December 2013 · Maria Trigueiros

Bike at night

After the last article some interesting things appeared while I was surfing on the web.

Today I found this backpack with led’s. I think is very interesting and can really can upgrade your bike experience at night.

This backpack is perfect for people who like to ride bikes but safely.

How it works?

You have one bottom on your left side and another bottom on your right side, and then you just need to press those bottoms accordingly with the direction you will turn.

Atomically it will appear an arrow on you backpack with direction you will go.

With this awesome backpack you can feel more safety while you are riding your bike during the night.

But I don’t know where to buy ..

Anyway in Clasf we have another Led solutions, see now:

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Leds for bike

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