How to motivate myself to exercise everyday

08 January 2014 · Maria Trigueiros

For a lot of people exercise means gymnasium or spend a lot of money. That is not true.

couple exercising

Don’t let that your life is sum to bed -> chair -> sofa or home -> car -> office.

Exercising your body is good for your health, for your body and for your mind.

There a few ways to exercise every day without spending, not even a cent.

-          Replace your car for a bike

-          Don’t use anymore elevator and use the stairs always

-          In case that you really need the car, at least park it a little further to your office to make you walk

-          Walk a little bit after every meal

-          Watch television riding a static bike

Of course the best is to practice exercise that makes you move all your muscles and makes you sweat. This is still possible without spending money.

Go jogging or walk fast every day and you will feel the difference.

 To motivate yourself don’t forget to set  routine, buy healthy eats and ask a friend to join you.

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