How to be healthy

27 May 2014 · Maria Trigueiros

A healthy way of living is more than a life style, it is really important for your body and mind and will make you feel better more often.

woman and man relaxing

It is not so difficult to have daily healthy habits that really can make the difference.

Sometimes people are lazy about this, but the truth is that is not difficult to have a healthy style of life. Another important point is to think that it is not hard; actually it is so good and will make you feel you better that you will never desire to go back to an unhealthy life.

So there are small recommendations to follow that are an important step:

Drink more water;

Eat a good breakfast everyday to begin the day with all the vitamins and nutrients you need;

Eat at the right time, and try to eat in every two hours.

Eat healthy food

Read the labels to know what are you eating.

Do exercise every day, if you don't have time you can manage it at home with exercises machines. or having yoga classes at home

Get in shape, it is good for your body and self-esteem .

Think positively to keep your emotionally healthy .

Hang out with people you really like.

Be productive and do all your “to do list”.

If you smoke, quit now, everything is bad about smoking.

Get a good night rest, sleeping and rest our body is priceless.

And don’t say you will start tomorrow, start today, star now.

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