17 advices to succeed

13 February 2014 · Maria Trigueiros

Everyone wants to achieve success. Here you have important 10 advices that you need to have in mind if you want to someday achieve the top and the best.

  1. Always try to find new ways to know more
  2. Read every day the news of your country, world and your interests
  3. Try new things
  4. Never be afraid to change
  5. Do exercise
  6. Know yourself, Analyze yourself, and be/do better
  7. Ask for feedback
  8. Recognized your fails
  9. Give opportunities for everyone you meet
  10. Travel as much you can.
  11. Always ask what you didn’t understand.
  12. Forget about the pass. Think about the present and future
  13. Risk
  14. Make a break
  15. Do meditation.
  16. Set yourself goals and challenges
  17. And try always to be happy 


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