The most fun and original phone cases

28 July 2014 · Vanessa

We all love our mobile phone, don’t we? For that reason is very important to protect our device. Nowadays we can find thousands of accessories for our mobiles, not only to keep them safe but also to give them a fun and original look.

We bring you a list of the most original covers and cases we cand find today on the market. Which one of them would you choose?

Fun mobile cases

Retro case: it is perfect for those 90’s lovers. If you miss the first phone you owned, you will remember it with this case. Just put your iPhone inside and it soon will become a retro phone.

Sushi case: if you really love Japanese food, this is the case for you. It looks so real that you will want to bite it. Just be careful, every time you want to make a call you might want to eat some sushi.

Makeup case: if you're one of those girls who cannot live without makeup, this is the perfect cover for your phone. It will give a really chic look to your device. Besides, it is so real you can play a joke on some friends lending them your makeup kit.

The flip flop case: if you want to feel on the beach all year round, just use this cellphone summer slipper and give a casual and sporty look to your mobile. Furthermore, you can hold it comfortably without any fear of dropping your phone.

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