In what men are better than women

23 October 2013 · Maria Trigueiros

Women are all the time complaining how bad men are, bla bla .. Women are awesome off course, and there are a lot of things women can do and men don’t.

BUT there are some things only men are able to do and have better ability:

-          Very strong hug

-          Protection

-          Saying really stupid things and still funny and charming

-          Ability to fix things

-          Ability to drive all kinds of vehicles

-          Ability to eat a lot without feeling guilty about that

-          Pleasure and ability to play videogames, no matter the age

-          Move on without pissing you, discussing and gossping about that

-          Can make a decision without talk and call to all their friends to support the final decision

Do you agree?

symbol of men and women

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