How to make my nails look nicer at home

12 November 2013 · Maria Trigueiros

The hands are a very important part of our body to keep clean and good looking.

Who doesn’t like a beautiful and well treat nails?

You want to get healthy, clean, shiny and good looking nails and you never know what to do without spending a lot of money?

So.. I have the solution for you. You can do it yourself at home.

The natural product that can help you is the Lemon.

You can use this product on with different techniques:

You can cut in two and rube your nails direct inside the lemons.

The other option is to rubbing the lemon juice in each nail or prepares a solution with water and lemons and let soak your nails for 10 minutes.

To prevent you can clean your nails once per month with vinegar.

Hope it helps you. 

images how to cake about the nails with lemon

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