What is love?

18 December 2013 · Maria Trigueiros

What is love?

Love is more than a feeling, it is something you need to build and never give up to preserve it.

Did you know that the second question on the top of searches in google during 2013 was “what is love? “? It seems that people is worry about, and that they don’t know

Because of this in Clasf we decided to ask to all the team “What is love?”.

And we arrived to some conclusions…

Love isn’t only what you watch in movies. The true is that sometime can happen, but never forget that the movie always ended when they found each other.

Love can be that, but is as well discussions, crises, seasons better than others.

Love is feeling, but is so much more.. is a daily construction, is walk on the same direction, on the same time..

The important thing about love is never give up. This is crucial, really, don’t give up on the first crisis.. Because is impossible to feel the some love always and crisis are normal.

Love still exist.. Believe and make it possible too.

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