How I learn to love myself

18 February 2014 · Maria Trigueiros

How I learn to love myself? Sometimes it is hard ..

Sometimes we. Human beings. This weird animal we have serious issues.

We have the capability to think to analyze and to hate ourselves. We think too much or too less and we never are completely satisfied about ourselves. Actually sometimes we fell down and we don’t know really why. Sometimes we want to cry and we don’t have any idea why the sensation is crossing our body and brain.

But the truth is that very important to like ourselves, because if we don’t like who will?

So I will give you some tips to feel better:

1-      Put more attention in what you really like about yourself, for example if you really like your hair, use some accessories to put more attention on your hair.

2-      Remember that no one is perfect

3-      Choose clothes that adjust well in your body

4-      Beauty is not everything attitude is more important

5-      Be who you are and be who you want to be

6-      Smile always. That make you even more beautiful.

7-      Remember yourself all your own qualities and strengths.

8-      Ask to your closest friends and family to write 2 strengths and 2 weakness about you. To know in what you are good and to be better.

9-      Think that life is a bless and you need to take advantage every day.

Hope you like this. It helped me!

I love my self and thats all that metters in streetart

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